Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I need a passport?
A. Yes. You can get one at any clerk of court's office. You can obtain a passport photo at Kinko's or any photo shop.

Q. How many counselors travel with the group?
A. One counselor travels with every five students. This gives you peace of mind knowing that we know where your child is at all times.

Q. Do the students need vaccinations to go to Honduras?
A. No.

Q. Do the students have to be a certified scuba diver?
A. No. Students may complete studies snorkeling. Scuba diving is an experience in itself and we strongly recommend it.

Q. Can the students get certified to scuba dive at the camp?
A. Yes, for an additional fee. Call the Marine Biology Research Camp for details.

Q. How well supervised are the students?
A. The students are supervised at all times.

Q. How much contact is there with the dolphins?
A. Up close, personal and in your face contact! Students will be working with the dolphins almost every day.

Q. Can parents attend?
A. Yes. Parents are welcome but space is limited.

Q. How much spending money do students need to bring?
A. Only money for snacks, souvenirs, t-shirts, soft drinks and gratuities.

Q. Is it safe to travel to Honduras?
A. The area that we travel to is very safe. Absolutely safer than most areas of your home town. Roatan is an island off the mainland of Honduras. Our camp director, Greg Hidalgo, has been traveling to Honduras since 1978. The director of the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences, his wife and the Manager of the dive shop at Anthony's Key are from Gulfport, Mississippi. The Animal Supervisor is from Kansas City, MO. They have all been living in Roatan since about 1990.

Q. Is there a telephone available to call home?
A. Yes. There is also a fax machine available for your son or daughter to send or receive a fax anytime during the week.

Q. Is there a medical facility available to the students?
A. Yes. There is a doctor's office on the property. The charge to see the doctor is five dollars plus the cost of any medication prescribed.