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Before Your Trip

Forms to be completed:

Please ensure all of the following forms are completed in their entirety and submitted to MBRC before your trip departs. All forms can be mailed, emailed, faxed, or submitted online using the submission link above. The permission to travel form is the exception to this and MUST be notarized and faxed or mailed to MBRC. 
Permission to Travel Document
AKR Waiver
MBRC Waiver 
Credit Card Authorization Form
Departure Information 

Scuba Diving Insurance:

Diver Alert Network (DAN) provides scuba diving medical insurance for divers incase an incident occurs. Many normal health insurance pans do not cover diving related incidents, which can be quite expensive. In the unlikely event that an incident occurs, DAN provides an abundance of assistance and benefits for members. We strongly recommend purchasing the package of your choice for all who are diving with MBRC. 
Click here to visit their website to view their insurance packages.  

Travel Insurance:

Travel insurance is important for any trip, including your trip to Roatan with MBRC. In case of an emergency, illness, lost luggage, or other trip interferences, travel insurance will insure you do not lose the entirety of the investment in the trip. MBRC uses CSA Travel Insurance and travelers with MBRC receive a reduced rate.
Click here to purchase CSA Travel Insurance. Enter this producer code to receive a reduced rate: 82635027.

MBRC Payment Submission